A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An experiment in navigable landscape generation. Forska generates a landscape, drawing on a 3D geometric space to produce impressionistic images. The user navigates by simply clicking where they want to go.

Find portals to other islands, fragmentary inscriptions, and wandering figures as you traverse each landscape.

Version 1.5.2 is released!

-Adjusting the painting style (as always)

-Fog works a bit better

-Paths and trails, and the beginnings of audio.

-A wider variety of island types.

-Player able to take screenshots

-Player can jump to a random world in the options screen.

-The first experiments with audio.

Install instructions

PC - Download and unzip - then run Forska.exe or Forska_Mac_1_0.

Instructions are in the readme and first screen.


Forska 1.5.2 PC.zip 18 MB
Forska v1.5.1 PC.zip 17 MB
Forska v1.5.1 Macintosh.zip 30 MB
Forska v1.5.zip 17 MB
Forska v1.0.zip 11 MB
Forska_Mac_1_0.zip 13 MB